What is Milpa?

MILPA stands for Marketing is like planing a Garden (the G is silent 😉).

The Traditional Mesoamerican MILPA method

Milpa farming, a traditional Mesoamerican agriculture technique, revolves around the principles of diversity, synergy, and sustainability.

It's best known for the 'Three Sisters' approach, where corn, beans, and squash are grown together, each plant supporting and benefiting from the others. Corn provides a structure for beans to climb, beans fix nitrogen in the soil, and squash acts as a natural mulch, controlling weeds and retaining soil moisture.

This integrated approach creates a resilient and self-sustaining ecosystem.

Our MILPA: Marketing is like Planting a Garden

Like the Milpa method nurtures diverse crops, effective marketing nurtures diverse aspects of your business.

Your website, the fertile soil, must be robust and conversion-ready. Content, the seeds of engagement, should be fresh and captivating. Consistent social media presence, the watering schedule, builds community and trust. And finally, your brand, the essential sunlight, unifies and energizes all these elements.

Together, they cultivate a sustainable, flourishing business ecosystem.

My story

Paty Ventura

For 10 years, I've helped entrepreneurs grow their business online through converting websites, successful marketing campaigns & everlasting brand strategies.

I created MILPA as a way to help entrepreneurs build & sustain a solid foundation for their business.
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